Thursday, September 15, 2016

Narcos (2016) - Season 2

After the much acclaimed first season, now we see Pablo Escobar's fall from grace in the new season of Narcos on Netflix. I found season 2 slightly better than the previous one, which means I really enjoyed it!

The first season took place over a span of more than two decades (early 1970's to 1990's) and told the story of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gavirilla's rise to infamy and notoriety. Season two takes place in a year and depicts the last days of the Medillin cartel. So there is a dissonance in the story coverage between the two seasons, but season 2 still manages to fill it with excitement and thrills! I even liked the pacing better in this season, and literally binged the whole show in two days - a feat that I couldn't do for the first season!

Another improvement over the previous season (which might seem very nit picky) was the colour composition; this is particularly important for a show like Narcos that requires you to read the subtitles to understand the Spanish dialogue (which is almost 70% of the whole show). The first season had white backgrounds in many scenes, and reading the white subtitles over a white background was really difficult. This season they had probably taken that into account, and it made my experience much more enjoyable.

Wagner Moura did an exceptional job as Escobar. His presence on screen is not comparable to any other actor on TV (or even most movies). I also liked Pedro Pascal's Javier Peña - he had an interesting arc throughout the season. Boyd Holbrook's Agent Steve Murphy was the least interesting character, as he was in season 1 as well.

I know Narcos has been renewed for seasons 3 and 4, but I am not invested in the remaining characters to return to the show. But of course it is too soon for passing that kind of judgement.

Season 2 was a 9/10 for me.

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