Friday, October 14, 2016

Deepwater horizon (2016)

Yet another disaster movie based on true events! Deepwater Horizon is well-made and is worth your time - not sure about your money though! Comparing to the other disaster-movie-based-on-true-events movie that came out recently (i.e., Sully), Deepwater Horizon is the clear winner!

If you followed the news, you must know the story. Also being based on a true story, no one can question the chain of events! So what we can judge the movie on are characters and pacing.

The actors do a good job. Kurt Russell is amazing in his role as the site manager. You'd think Russell has been doing that job all his life! Deepwater Horizon cast also includes Mark Wahlberg, who stars as Mark Wahlberg on an oil rig! Well, Mark Wahlberg is always playing himself - whether he's scientist on a Transformer, a soldier, or a police detective!

The director of the movie (Peter Berg) is heavily influenced by Paul Greengrass (Jason Bourne). Almost every scene is filmed with a hand-held camera. It is a nice technique to use in action sequences as it helps audience immerse in the scene. But when two people are talking face-to-face about safety issues, shaking the camera does nothing but making you nauseous!

As someone who followed the actual events when it happened, I found the movie to be quite faithful to the reality. The pacing of the movie was pretty good - except for the last 15 minutes, where some of the characters where so annoying that I felt time had stopped.

In a season where there's a dearth of good movies, Deepwater Horizon is a decent option. I'd give it a 7.5/10.

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