Sunday, January 1, 2017

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Tom Ford, in his second directorial and screenwriting effort, delivered a psychological thriller that is simply top-notch! I don't think even veterans of Hollywood could have done a better job!

I first saw the trailer in September of 2016. It was a very good preview of what to expect. Similar to the trailer, the film itself uses visuals and music in a very effective manner. Tom Ford, being perhaps the best designer of his generation, paints the tapestry of film with the most beautiful shots and colour combinations.

I just have a small gripe with the first few minutes of the movie. I read somewhere that the opening was supposed to be Tom Ford's commentary on the American society! But that was gratuitous in my opinion. Sometimes you see authors using all the three and four-syllable words that they know in the first few pages of a book, and then they calm down and find a consistent voice for the rest of the story. Maybe a similar thing happened here for Tom Ford as well...

Ford was also very effective in directing his actors, as Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal delivered some of their best performances in years. But the best performance came from Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins the Oscar for the best supporting actor.

Nocturnal Animals is adapted from a 1993 novel named Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. Without spoiling anything, it is a deep and effective story. It even stayed with me for a couple of days after watching the movie.

To wrap up, the acting, cinematography, editing, music, and most importantly the story telling, are all at the highest level. I'd give Nocturnal Animals a 9.5/10.

(*) For those who have seen the movie, I'd recommend this short video. AtZ has done a fantastic analysis on the plot:

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