Friday, May 8, 2020

After Life (2020) - Season Two - Review

The snarky grieving widower returns to tolerate the odd people of his town and rewatch countless hours of home video that he'd kept from his wife. The first season captured lightning in a bottle, but season 2 was simply a regression.

At the end of the first season, Tony (Ricky Gervais' character) had gone through all the stages of grief and finally reached acceptance of the situation. He looked at peace with his community and even had a love interest. Season 2 takes a few steps back in Tony character development and shows a man who is still angry and in denial. One could easily insert season 2 in the middle of season 1, and still watch the first season's finale to get closure on this story. I understand that in reality people relapse, but Gervais didn't even take the time to explain this regression with a couple of lines of dialogue.

Highlights of the season are Gervais' few rants, which as a fan of his stand ups, I quite enjoyed. The rest seemed pointless though. When we only had the first season, I used to recommend it to everyone. But now, with a lazy rehash of the same story, I don't have the same level of respect for this show. For this, I'd give the latest season a 5/10. 

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